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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 update is available today

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The Android 4.0 update for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II is rolling out now.

Samsung galaxy s ii touchwiz android 4
Samsung galaxy s ii touchwiz android 4

The wait is over for those of you who own T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II — tonight's the night when you'll be able to update your handset to Android 4.0. If all went to plan at T-Mobile's end, the update should have been made available as expected at 11pm ET Monday. You'll have to manually grab it yourself via the Kies app, though, so don't expect it to be pushed to you over the air.

The Galaxy S II's TouchWiz skin may obscure a lot of the changes made by the latest version of Android, and it's unfortunately not the same UI you'll find on the Galaxy S III, but Ice Cream Sandwich should provide a much-improved experience nonetheless. Now the race is on for the other carriers to update their variants — though it's looking unlikely that'll happen before the phone's successor arrives.