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Seagate's Backup Plus hard drives sync and share files to Facebook, Flickr

Seagate's Backup Plus hard drives sync and share files to Facebook, Flickr


Seagate launched a new series of hard drives today, which connect to social networks to back up and store your online photos.

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Backing up your files is more important than ever, so it's no surprise Seagate told us the company's external hard drive business is booming. Online storage and social networking are booming too, though, so the company announced the new Backup Plus drives to hit both markets. The drives keep all your files safe, like any good external hard drive, and can also grab files from various social networks. Part of the setup process for the new 2.5-inch drives (available from 500GB to 4TB) includes logging in to Facebook or Flickr (the company plans to add more services soon), and Seagate's software will then automatically back up photos from the two networks, as well as provide an interface for sharing files from your device to the web. It's a smart system for keeping everything in one place, and for providing a little extra peace of mind that you won't lose your online photos.

We spent some time with the new drives, and were impressed with how simple and functional the service is. Setting up folders to sync and backup automatically is a cinch — you can choose a few files and folders, or just have your whole drive or computer imaged every time you plug in your computer. Sharing and saving Facebook photos was simple and fast, though Facebook's convoluted naming scheme made it a little hard to save photos. Though it's hard to make an external drive that qualifies as "exciting," the Backup Plus products are certainly solid.

The new drives are available today, beginning at $119.99 for 500GB of storage and ranging up to $249.99 for 4TB of drive space. It's no terabit-per-square-inch storage, but with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 support, it'll do for now.