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Good Deal: 50 percent off OmniFocus productivity app for Mac and iPad

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The Omni Group has the price of its OmniFocus productivity app for the Mac and iPad by 50 percent.

omnifocus ipad good deal 1020
omnifocus ipad good deal 1020

Mac and iOS developer The Omni Group is dropping the price on the iPad and OS X versions of its OmniFocus productivity and task management app by 50 percent; to $39.99 and $19.99, respectively. The app is designed around David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach to productivity, and lets you quickly dump new tasks into an inbox, then organize them later; for example, turning them into larger, multi-step projects or filing them into a "Tickler" folder to peruse when you have time. The idea is to keep your focus on just those next tasks you need to deal with to keep your projects moving forward.

The iPhone, iPad, and OS X versions of the app all sync with one another using your own WebDAV server or Omni’s own free Omni Sync. Even at the lower prices, OmniFocus is still priced high relative to other productivity apps — roughly the same ballpark as Cultured Code's Things. For the money, though, you get a flexible, powerful solution to task management that syncs across all your Apple devices.