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Windows Phone 8: Nokia Maps will reportedly replace Bing Maps with 3D navigation

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Microsoft is reportedly planning to replace its Bing Maps on Windows Phone 8 with Nokia's Maps application.

Nokia Maps stock
Nokia Maps stock

We're just just over a week away from Microsoft's promised "sneak peek" at the future of Windows Phone and details about the next mobile operating system appear to be leaking out. Nokia Maps will replace Bing Maps in all Windows Phone devices, according to WPCentral — coupled with 3D navigation and hardware acceleration.

We know that Bing Maps will bear the Nokia name, and a unified map design along with recent traffic results updates all point towards a merging of Nokia and Bing Maps. WPCentral also reiterates what we know about Windows Phone 8: Skype integration, an NFC wallet experience, and camera improvements, but the site warns Microsoft still doesn't have a true Siri competitor in Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft originally sent invites to a Windows Phone Developer Summit for June 20th and June 21st, but the company sent an updated invite last week for a one day "Windows Phone Summit" on June 20th, hinting that it will show off Windows Phone 8 rather than focus on its developer message. Windows Phone 8 is expected to include improved hardware support for multi-core processors, four screen resolutions, and NFC radio support with a contact-less "wallet experience." Microsoft is also expected to allow developers to create native code apps thanks to the close relationship with Windows 8's kernel. We should know a lot more about Windows Phone 8 next week, and rest assured we'll be there on June 20th to bring you all the latest information on Microsoft's next mobile operating system.