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Facebook Camera for iOS updated with new 'Camera•' screen name, more reliable uploads

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Facebook has updated its iOS camera app to version 1.0.2, bringing performance improvements, bugfixes, and a new screen name: Camera•.

facebook camera ios
facebook camera ios

Facebook has updated its iOS camera app to version 1.0.2. It's an incremental update that changes the app's screen name (the title that appears on your home screen) to Camera•, and promises more reliable uploads. Other improvements include a more thorough explanation of location services and, curiously, that the "app works better when location services are turned off." Facebook is now shipping a help center built into the app, along with a few bug fixes.

It's not clear why Facebook has changed the screen name, which used to just be 'Camera,' but there's a possibility it's simply to avoid confusion with the iOS camera app. The update is available now, and you can find it in Apple's App Store.