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Samsung's Galaxy S III accessories demoed on video

Samsung's Galaxy S III accessories demoed on video


Mobile Fun has taken a look at the Galaxy S III's full line of first-party accessories and given video demonstrations of each.

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While Samsung's Galaxy S III is making its way into the eager hands of Android users around the globe, Mobile Fun has taken a hands-on look at the handset's rather large collection of accessories. Some of which, like the C-Pen and Wi-Fi Display Hub, might appeal to current Samsung smartphone users, but Mobile Fun's videos below confirm what we suspected after hearing that the Galaxy S III uses a unique MHL HDMI adapter — they're not backwards compatible.

Naturally, the Desktop Dock, Battery Charger, and Flip Cover are locked to the Galaxy S III because of their physical form, but the C-Pen and Wi-Fi Display Hub should theoretically work with other Samsung handsets, since neither of them are known to use any Galaxy S III exclusive technology. The C-Pen was thought to be a simple capacitive stylus, yet in the video below we see that it doesn't work with an iPhone, indicating that there may be some other technology at play. Similarly, the Wi-Fi Display Hub — which uses DLNA — should work with other devices that support the standard, making us wonder why Samsung hasn't updated its AllShare app on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II to support it. Clearly Samsung wants its customers to upgrade to the latest Galaxy device, which isn't so bad considering there are some very compelling reasons to do so.