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What's On Your Desk?


The Verge has their recurring article "Whats in your bag", and as someone outside of the journalism profession, but also who is a tech geek i like to think i have at least half of their enthusiasm for what it is they do. I find it very interesting reading those articles to see what professionals who review such a broad range of electronics pick to use out of all that tech, and why they think its the best choice for their job.

But for us it is different, well for me it is, we use our gadgets not to make money in a professional sense, we use them because they are what we bought/wanted to get us through the modern lives we live outside of work, in our free time, doing what it is we want to do to make us happy.

Have you ever actually stopped to think about how huge our hobby/passion is? Or how our gadgets allow us to get through the day? Have you ever thought about how many options for one product we have, the price ranges involved, the status's attached to certain brand's. The strange behaviours that have arisen in this day and age because years ago we once bought a product we loved and how it changed one aspect of how we operated (for me it was my Crative Zen Touch 40GB MP3 Player I loved that thing, I never imagined i could ever have filled that HUGE 40GB capacity, even though i was ripping every CD i could get my hands on, oh how times have changed)

Anyway I have written this to allow all us verge followers to come together under one article, not to troll, insult or put each other down but to be honest with each other. At the end of the day we all have one common interest or we wouldn't be on this website would we?

So i ask you all if you have a spare 5-10 minutes in your lives to just snap a photo (if your happy enough doing that) and stick it down below or make a list and explain a few of your favourite gadgets and why you have them and how they impact YOU in YOUR life.

I hope this will take off and maybe people can learn about products they didn't know about or were considering buying and possible alternatives for them.

I will start off...


42" 3d LED Samsung with a 3D Bluray player Apple TV and a 250GB Xbox 360

As you can see i like my movies i think there is over 120 blurays in there, and out of shot i have over 400 dvd's (Gathering dust if I'm honest)


My Computer Set Up, Late 2011 15" MacBook Pro, i7 @2.4 Ghz With 8GB Of memory.

Storage - Two Western Digital Hard drives (2TB+1TB) plus a 500GB samsung S2 hard drive.

Tablet - A 32GB 3rd gen Ipad (with a chip in the corner)

Phones - HTC One X with my Beats Audio In ear Earphones, Back Up Phone Nokia 1112

Camera - Nikon D5000 with a 18-55 and 70-300mm lens plus a 2x tele-converter.

My main uses are movies and photography i enjoy wildlife photograph so this Basic camera set up does me fine and my macbook is perfect for photoshop and lightroom, i just find it quicker than my old windows laptops, plus i love the ease of use between the MBP And the apple TV.

Thanks for bearing with me till the end and i hope to be reading some of your good replays in the next few days.