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Google adds more detail to Hot Searches with related images and links

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Google's Hot Searches feature has received an update, adding more detail in the form of images and links to related news stories.

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Google logo

Google has announced that it has updated its Hot Searches feature to provide even more detail on the most popular news of the moment. The refreshed page now includes both images and related news links for the most searched for stories in the US, as well as details on how many people have actually searched for that particular bit of news in the last 24 hours. In addition to the increased level of detail provided, Hot Searches has also cut back on the number of results it shows — instead of showing exactly 20 results each day, the page now displays "only the truly hottest news stories of the day," which so far is a lot less than 20. On Monday June 11th, for instance, only three stories were featured. The service now also groups together related searches, so if a number of search terms relate to the same story, they'll be listed together. The new Hot Searches is live now and you can check it out right here.