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Twitter rolling out 'Tailored Trends' now, tuned to your location and interests

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Twitter has launched "Tailored Trends," a feature that uses new algorithms to tune trends to a user's location and who they follow.

Twitter Tailored Trends
Twitter Tailored Trends

Twitter gave its "Discover" tab on both the web and mobile versions of the social network a tweak last month with personalized story recommendations, but now the company is paying attention to the trends section of that tab. The new feature is called "Tailored Trends," and as the name suggests, it strives to make trends that pop up on the desktop or mobile versions of the service more relevant. Of course, this means some new algorithms — in this case we're told by Twitter that it's paying attention to who each user follows and their location. The new service offers 150 locations, but if you don't want the new algorithms to do their magic, you can just set it to a general "worldwide" location. The new feature is said to be rolling out now to the web, iOS, and Android versions of the app, so be sure to take a look — if you can see past those promoted tweets.