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Apple will reportedly cut Ping from next iTunes release

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Apple is reportedly planning to remove Ping, its music-based social network, from the next version of iTunes, relying instead on the company's partnerships with Facebook and Twitter.

iTunes in the Cloud beta hands-on
iTunes in the Cloud beta hands-on

Tim Cook acknowledged that Ping hadn't been the greatest of successes for Apple during his recent appearance at the D10 conference, and it appears the company is planning on ushering the social network out the door entirely. All Things D reports that the music-based service — which launched back in 2010 — will not be a part of the next major release of iTunes, which has been rumored to be debuting later this year. Instead, Apple will reportedly be relying on Facebook and Twitter for its social offerings. On Apple's iOS 6 preview page, Ping is actually shown to be a part of the redesigned iTunes Store, but it appears that may be changing sooner rather than later.