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Author Thomas Pynchon publishing his novels as ebooks

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Author Thomas Pynchon has agreed to have his body of work published as digital ebooks starting June 13th.

Kindle Touch
Kindle Touch

Some longtime proponents of ebooks are taking temporary steps away from the format, but several novelists have yet to get on board in the first place. That number is dropping, however, with Gravity's Rainbow author Thomas Pynchon the latest to agree to have his books published in the digital domain. The 75-year-old author's body of work — which includes a collection of stories along with seven novels — is being published by Penguin, and will be available Wednesday, June 13th, priced between $9.99 and $12.99 (the titles are already available for pre-order through Amazon's Kindle store). Some of the publishing world's most infamous digital holdouts have been coming around to the concept of e-readers in recent years, with Harry Potter author JK Rowling making her books available digitally just this past March. As for the reasons behind Pynchon's change of heart, Penguin president Ann Godoff told the New York Times that it was a matter of reaching a wider audience, stating that "I think he wants to have more readers."