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Aviary launches standalone photo editing app for iPhone and Android

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Its SDK has been used in plenty of mobile apps, but now Aviary is launching a photo editing app of its own.

Aviary mobile app
Aviary mobile app

Aviary's software development kit lets developers easily add photo editing tools to their mobile apps and websites, but now the company is finally releasing an app of its own. The new standalone Aviary app is available on both iPhone and Android starting today (a Windows Phone version is listed as "coming soon"), and features the same editing tools as the SDK, but with two additional features. There's a new browsing tool for quickly scrolling through photos, and you can also customize the layout of the tools to whatever fits you best. While the app is available to consumers, Aviary says that it's primarily "intended to be a quick and easy way for developers to evaluate our product before integrating it into their own app." You can grab both versions of Aviary for free from the App Store and Google Play.