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ChevronWP7 unlocked Windows Phones to re-lock on August 11th, users get free App Hub

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ChevronWP7 unlocked devices will start to re-lock on August 11th, but users will get a free membership to the official tools from Microsoft.

Windows Phone Jailbreak ChevronWP7
Windows Phone Jailbreak ChevronWP7

ChevronWP7, an unlocking tool designed to foster homebrew applications on Windows Phone, is shutting its doors fully on August 11th. Although the team, in conjunction with Microsoft, announced the end of the program back in April — existing Windows Phone devices unlocked with a ChevronWP7 token will start to re-lock on August 11th. Devices will re-lock if connected to a PC running Microsoft's Zune software.

Microsoft's original agreement with ChevronWP7 allowed for a maximum of 10,000 unlock tokens to be sold at $9 per device, a limit that was reached in January. We spoke to Rafael Rivera, a member of ChevronWP7, who confirmed that the team will be providing Microsoft a list of customers that are eligible for a free App Hub membership (normally $99 per year). "We're on track to upgrade over 8,000 customers," said Rivera, a figure that amounts to around half a million dollars worth of App Hub accounts.

ChevronWP7 users eligible for the App Hub membership will be able to unlock a device using Microsoft's own tools, with accounts expected to be setup before the August 11th deadline. Although the low-cost unlock is finished, other jail breaking options for Windows Phone do exist and the ChevronWP7 team is hinting to "stay tuned" for further homebrew application opportunities on Windows Phone.