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Chrome Web Store adds offline section and more analytics, opens in six new countries

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The Chrome Web Store is opening in six more countries, giving developers a chart to view impressions and installations over time, and adding a collection specifically for offline apps.

Chrome Web Store Offline
Chrome Web Store Offline

Google has been developing Chrome at a quick pace lately, and today it's expanding the Chrome Web Store. The store recently launched in six new countries — Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates — bringing its total to 42. For developers, Google is also adding a new analytics tool for developers, giving them a chart of impressions and installations over 90 days. The data can be viewed online or downloaded as a CSV, and Google may expand it later with extra features or a longer time window.

Unless you're in one of the new countries listed, changes for end users are a bit smaller but still useful. Google has marked whether an app works offline for a couple of months with Chrome Web Store badges, and now it's adding a special collection for offline apps. Developers can have their app included in the collection by putting an "offline_enabled" flag in the metadata. With all these little updates coming out, we're wondering what sort of things Google will be showcasing at I / O.