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Stiktu augmented reality app makes graffiti social

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A new augmented reality app from Layar combines turns digital graffiti into a social network.


Layar has just released version 2.0 of its social augmented reality app Stiktu, which lets users mark up the real world with graffiti and stickers using only their smartphones. With the app — which comes from the same team behind Layar Creator — you can take a snapshot of anything, and then use the built-in editing tools to draw on the photo, add messages, or place virtual stickers. These creations can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, but they'll also show up when another user scans the same item — and those users can then like and comment on what you've made. Stiktu initially launched last December, but it was only available in select European countries. Version 2.0 finally makes the app available globally, and you can grab it now from either Google Play or the App Store.