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Smule's Magic Piano music app now available for Android

Smule's Magic Piano music app now available for Android


Smule has released its Magic Piano music app for the Android operating system.

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Smule is today bringing its popular Magic Piano app to Android, expanding on an iOS community that includes over 14 million users who have played more than 135 billion notes according to the company. Much like iOS, the Android version of the app (which leans more toward a game) is centered around two play modes: Play and Solo. Play allows users to download and tap along with over 200 songs using in-game currency, though Smule throws in a few free numbers for you to try out. By matching your taps with beams of light that descend down the screen — think Tap Tap Revenge — you're able to control notes, rhythm, and tempo of any given song. That allows users to veer off from a traditional recording in the event creativity strikes.

Solo is essentially a free play mode that lets you hammer away either on Magic Piano's signature circular piano or one with a more traditional layout. Exclusive to the Android version are a broad range of sharing options that include SMS and Google+ among other methods. In our brief hands-on time, performance of the app seemed on par with its iOS counterpart. That shouldn't come as a surprise considering Smule isn't exactly unfamiliar with Android development: the company released its auto-tune app Songify on the platform last month. It claims to have seen over 1.5 million downloads since then, success it can only hope will extend to Magic Piano.