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Skype for Windows introduces ads during one-on-one audio calls

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Skype for Windows is adding a new kind of advertising, that will display ads in the call window during one-on-one conversations.

Skype Conversation ads
Skype Conversation ads

Skype has announced a new feature called Conversation Ads, which displays advertisements inside of the app window during one-on-one audio calls. The ads will only appear for users who don't have a subscription or Skype credit, and, at least for now, Conversation Ads have only been announced for the Windows version of Skype. The company says that the ads will be "silent" and "non-expanding" and, unsurprisingly, Skype is attempting to spin the news as a positive for users, saying that the ads "could spark additional topics of conversation that are relevant to Skype users and highlight unique and local brand experiences." In order to be more targeted, the ads "may use" personal details such as gender and age, though Skype does provide an opt-out option that restricts them to only using your location.