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My Xbox Live app launches on Android, no Xbox 360 integration offered yet

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Microsoft has introduced a version of its My Xbox 360 app for Android, but it does not include integration with the Xbox.

My Xbox 360 Android
My Xbox 360 Android

Android users aren't left out of today's My Xbox Live app updates. Microsoft has just launched an app for Android 2.2 and above; it lets users customize their avatars, track achievements, send and receive messages from Xbox Live friends, and edit their Xbox Live profile. That puts it just about where the iPhone app stood until today, meaning it doesn't offer any integration with the Xbox 360 itself or the option to use a phone as a remote control. There was a gap of several months before the iPhone got these features, which arrived first on Windows Phone, but we're glad to see an Android version come out at all. Hopefully change will be faster this time around.