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MacBook Pro with Retina display: The Verge Q&A


After a furious few days of staring at its glorious screen, our own Ross Miller has just published his review of the new MacBook Pro with a Retina display. If you bought one, want one, or want to know why anyone in the world would want one, Ross, David, and Dante have all spent some time with the computer and will be hanging out here answering questions for a while.

So whatcha wanna know?

Update: We've gotten the same few questions a lot (How's Windows? Is there a performance difference between 2.3, 2.6, and 2.7GHz? Is it better than the old MBP?). We've answered them each a couple of times, so check down there and make sure no one's already asked what you were wondering too. Also, if we didn't answer your question, we probably answered one just like it!

Update 2: That's it for tonight, we're all going to back away from high-resolution display and see if reality's pixel density measures up. Thanks for all the questions — we'll try to check in later tonight or tomorrow, but no promises!

Update 3: Surprise! We're back to answer your questions, so come on in and tell us what you want to know!

Update 4: And... that's a wrap. Thanks again for all your questions!