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WordPress 3.4 'Green' update now available: preview theme changes, embed tweets, and add HTML to captions

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Wordpress 3.4 'Green' has rolled out, adding new theme customization features, a tweet embedding tool, and improved image caption functionality.

wordress 3.4 green update
wordress 3.4 green update

WordPress has just rolled out "Green," the latest update to the website creation service and content management system. Named after legendary Blue Note musician Grant Green, Wordpress 3.4 adds the ability to see live previews when changing your site's theme, easily update header images, embed tweets, and improve image captions by allowing HTML. APIs to take advantage of the new theme customization features have also been included, as well as new developer tools for custom content types and taxonomies. Take a look at the following video for an overview of the new features while unwinding to some smooth jazz.