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HTC won't sell 'super, super cheap' phones in China, says Peter Chou

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HTC will not be producing 1,000 yuan (about $157) phones for the Japanese market, Chief Executive Peter Chou revealed to the Wall Street Journal.

peter chou video grab 1020
peter chou video grab 1020

HTC doesn’t intend to get bogged down in the low-end smartphone race, Peter Chou revealed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. The company’s Chief Executive said it doesn’t plan to sell "cheap, cheap phones" in order to inflate its shipment and market share numbers — this despite mainland China being one of the company’s biggest growth regions. Right now, HTC is selling smartphones in China at the 2,000 yuan level (about $314), but competitors like Motorola and Samsung are also competing further down market with lower-tier devices at half that cost. HTC is one of the few mobile companies that is actually making money selling phones, grabbing about 1 percent of all industry profits in the first few months of 2012.