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New Windows 8 desktop UI shown off in leaked screenshots, lacks Aero Glass

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Microsoft's Aero Glass removal in Windows 8 has been leaked in a number of screenshots.

Windows 8 no aero glass (Winunleaked)
Windows 8 no aero glass (Winunleaked)

Microsoft has been making some last minute changes to the Windows 8 desktop UI ahead of a final build of the operating system, expected within two months. The company revealed its move away from Aero Glass last month, but the changes weren't ready for Release Preview. Winunleaked has managed to secure a number of screenshots demonstrating the flattened desktop UI and color picker.

While the interface isn't too dissimilar from that of Windows 7's desktop, it's clear that Microsoft is trying to match it to the company's Metro Start Screen by removing the see through Aero Glass effect that was originally introduced in Windows Vista. The default colors appear to be pastel-like, but Microsoft has also opted to keep the color mixer to ensure Windows 8 users can fully customize desktop colors. We expect there's still some tweaking going on in Redmond, so don't expect this to be final, but Microsoft has said the visual changes include "flattening surfaces, removing reflections, and scaling back distracting gradients," so we doubt Aero Glass will make a return in time for Release to Manufacturing (RTM).

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