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Nokia acquiring imaging specialists and tech from Scalado for enhanced Lumia phones

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Scalado Remove Hed
Scalado Remove Hed

Nokia may be offloading assets and cutting jobs, but today's changes at the company aren't all in one direction — it's announced plans to acquire assets from mobile imaging company Scalado. Financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, but it involves personnel as well as all of Scalado's technology and intellectual property. Nokia says the move is designed to bolster the imaging capabilities of its Lumia Windows Phone devices.

Scalado is known for technology such as Remove, which uses algorithms to let you delete unwanted subjects from your photos. The company has worked with Nokia on imaging software for over a decade, but it's not clear what the acquisition will mean for other clients — RIM is integrating Scalado features into its BlackBerry 10 camera software, for example.

Update: Scalado has issued a separate press release that sheds a little more light on what will become of the company following the acquisition. Notably, Scalado will continue to "fulfill any and all obligations in relation to its existing customers," meaning that the likes of RIM shouldn't have anything to worry about in the short term.