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Samsung dismisses rumors of Facebook competitor as 'groundless' and 'not true'

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Samsung claims that a rumor about a social networking service dubbed "Samsung Facebook" is untrue and groundless.

Samsung Logo 1020
Samsung Logo 1020

Samsung was believed to be working on its own Facebook-like service, expected to debut early next year, but the company says media reports on the service are untrue and "the rumor is groundless." Reports earlier this week cited Samsung officials who reportedly claimed the company was looking to compete with Facebook with a new social networking site, codenamed "Samsung Facebook," designed to work across a variety of the company's internet-enabled devices.

Samsung says it is working on upgrading a Family Story feature that debuted on its range of Smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets, but that the service is "far from a "Samsung Faceboook" as some are claiming it to be."