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Spotify removes Facebook account signup requirement in Germany

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Spotify says it is removing a Facebook account requirement in Germany to signup for its online music streaming service.


Spotify says it is removing a Facebook account requirement to signup to its online music service in Germany. The company originally publicly launched its service in October 2008, allowing users to create an account using Spotify's own username system. Spotify altered the system in September last year, requiring a Facebook account for new user signups — a move that angered a number of users.

"New users in Germany can now register with the music service by providing an email address and a username," said a company spokesperson in an email to The Verge today. "We are introducing this new sign-up option in order to offer non-Facebook-connected users in Germany a choice of ways to access Spotify." The change only applies to potential Germany Spotify users for now, and the company says "new Spotify users in all other countries will continue to signup and log in using their Facebook details in all other countries." We asked Spotify for more information on the change of heart, but the company refused to go into detail on the decision — simply stating that it remains "absolutely committed" to its partnership with Facebook.