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Canon EOS-1D X now set to launch on June 20th, but supply will be limited

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Canon's Japan site is now claiming the EOS-1D X will finally launch on June 20th.

canon 1d x
canon 1d x

Canon's flagship EOS-1D X has suffered through a number of delays — the latest update we had was that the camera would be available sometime in June, though it wasn't clear exactly when. However, it looks like the wait is nearly over, with Canon's Japan site now claiming the camera will finally launch on June 20th. If you're interested in shelling out the $6,800 for Canon's top of the line shooter, you'll want to act fast, because it sounds like the 1D X will be in short supply even when it does finally launch. That's fairly commonplace for high-end digital camera launches, but it's of small comfort to those who thought the camera would launch way back in March.