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Opera 12 launches with new visual themes and enhanced security

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Opera 12 has arrived, bringing with it faster speeds, new languages, and visual themes for when you browse.

Opera 12 cookie monster
Opera 12 cookie monster

Opera has just launched version 12 of its web browser, bringing a number of new features including a heavy focus on visual customization. The biggest feature the folks at Opera are touting is the new themes, which add a skin to your browser so that you can show off your love of Cookie Monster or Halo. It's very similar to the themes used for Chrome and you can check out the full gallery here. Security has also seen a bit of an upgrade, with a redesigned badge that's easier to understand, making it possible to quickly check if a site knows details like your location. Aside from that, Opera 12 also includes faster page loading, new apps that can make use of your webcam, and support for five more languages — Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, and Kazakh. The updated browser is available to download now.

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