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Samsung reveals security measures for keeping the Galaxy S III under wraps

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A report on Samsung's official blog, Samsung Tomorrow, details the stringent security measures that engineers and others working on the Galaxy S III faced.

Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)
Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)

Prior to Samsung's announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III there was little information on the product, and the few leaks turned out to be disguised packaging — just one of Samsung's many stringent security measures. A report on Samsung's official blog, Samsung Tomorrow, chronicles these measures and the difficulties engineers and others on the project faced as a result. For starters, all work on the Galaxy S III was kept in a secure lab only accessible to the few working on the project, and prototypes were transported in security boxes and disguised packaging. Pictures were forbidden, so engineers were limited by words to describe components and problems.

There were also three prototypes of the Galaxy S III to avoid any design leaks by personnel, all were made like final products, and these prototypes were delivered to suppliers in person instead of by third party logistics services as is the norm. It's an unprecedented show of security from a company that has endured endless leaks in the past, another sign that Samsung's strategy for its flagship product is shifting dramatically in its third generation.