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    Dell reportedly planning Windows RT tablet for October

    Dell reportedly planning Windows RT tablet for October


    Anonymous sources have told Neowin that Dell is planning an ARM-based Windows tablet for an October release along with its other Windows 8 tablets, which could come out between November and January.

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    The Dell Latitude 10 and XPS 12 Windows 8 tablets we've been hearing about might not be Dell's first forays into Microsoft's latest OS. Neowin claims to have more information about Dell's tablet plans, including a rumored ARM-based device with Windows RT. Multiple sources have apparently said that Dell hopes to launch the tablet in October despite trouble getting RT to a testable state (for reasons the sources did not disclose.) That's right around the suspected Windows 8 launch date and could theoretically be the enterprise tablet Dell promised it would release at that time. We still aren't sure how many Windows on ARM tablets we'll end up seeing, so any rumors are appreciated.

    Besides this, we've also got a little more information on the Latitude, which we've now learned will apparently be coming out sometime between November and January. Assuming the leaked document above is real, the optional docking station it includes will have four USB ports, Ethernet, and HDMI, and a Wacom stylus will be offered. That's not too surprising, but it's an interesting desktop-like solution for the tablet. Dell may also be planning a similar dock for ultrabooks, Neowin says, in an effort to make the laptops more business-friendly.