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Microsoft holding mystery event in LA on June 18th, may be for Windows RT tablets

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Microsoft has announced an event in Los Angeles on June 18th, but the company hasn't released details on what will be shown there.

Microsoft offices stock image
Microsoft offices stock image

We've just been invited to attend an event hosted by Microsoft in Los Angeles next Monday, June 18th, but we have very few details at this point — will it be related to the impending launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT? Will we get details on Windows Phone 8, a platform we're expecting to see previewed at a summit in San Francisco later that same week? Could it be an Xbox event, even though E3 just ended a few days ago? AllThingsD is citing "sources outside the company" as saying that it will indeed be a Windows RT-focused gathering to talk about ARM-based Windows tablets and the software and services that will run on them when they launch later this year, though Microsoft has yet to confirm anything directly.

Regardless, we'll be covering the event live — stay tuned for details.