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Kobo Vox gets access to Google Play store

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Kobo has announced that its Android-powered e-reader will now have access to app from the Google Play store.

Vox screen
Vox screen

The Kobo Vox may not have scored all that well when we reviewed it last year, but the e-reader has a new advantage over competitors like the Kindle Fire and Nook Color — access to the Google Play store. The store will come pre-loaded on new devices, while current owners can access it through a software update. Previously the Vox used a third-party app store that included around 15,000 apps, but owners will now have access to more than 500,000 through Google's own market. The update also includes support for other Google services like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Play movies. While the news may not sway you into picking up a Vox instead of a Fire or Nook, it's definitely good news for existing owners of Kobo's device.