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New York Times app for Windows Phone updated with new look, live tile support

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For readers of The New York Times, the paper is updating its Windows Phone app with a new look and support for features like Live Tile integration and cloud saving.

The New York Times hq (1020)
The New York Times hq (1020)

The New York Times app on Windows Phone devices is getting a new look and some new features thanks to an update that's set to go live later today. The new version of the app includes a redesigned look and improved performance, but readers can also enjoy added features like the ability to save articles to the cloud for reading on multiple devices. The new live tile integration, meanwhile, takes advantage of the platform by letting users pin news sections and blogs in order to get updated on the latest headlines. The app is still free to download, though of course you'll need a subscription to access all of the content. The update doesn't appear to be live in the Windows Phone Marketplace just yet, but the Times says that it will be available at some point today.