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Vizio All-in-One PC launches today, starting at $898 (hands-on)

Vizio All-in-One PC launches today, starting at $898 (hands-on)


The Vizio All-in-One PC launches today; it features a 1080p display and 24- or 27-inch screen and starts at $898.

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Vizio All-in-One
Vizio All-in-One

Vizio officially expands beyond the TV market today with the launch of its All-in-One PC, part of a larger PC series that also includes a new laptop and ultrabook. Officially released today at an event in New York, the desktops are available in 24-inch and 27-inch versions. As one might expect from media-focused Vizio, both come with a 1080p HD screen, up to a 1TB hard drive plus a 32GB SSD, and a pair of HDMI inputs let you use the screen with a console or set-top box. It also includes a subwoofer for 2.1 surround sound audio. It comes with a choice of Ivy Bridge Core i3, i5, and i7 processors and discrete Kepler-class GeForce graphics, matching what we saw during our hands-on at CES.

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Update: We've got some more specs, as well as a hands-on below. Prices for the higher-end models should be showing up as it goes on sale, and unfortunately, we haven't been able to get any hard plans for international availability — it's US-only right now.

The All-in-One will start at $898 for what we presume is the 24-inch model with Core i3, a price that Vizio notes does not include a TV tuner for the screen. Despite being cheaper than many of its competitors, it feels polished and solid, without the rough edges we noticed at CES. The wireless trackpad accepts basic multitouch gestures like pinch-to-zoom, and both it and the keyboard have a solid heft, though the similar-looking remote control feels rather light. While launch events aren't the best place to discern sound quality, the subwoofer's bass definitely came through.

A strong start for Vizio's PC businessWe liked the idea of Vizio implementing its media center as a web page rather than software, but as usual, we still can't really imagine using it on a daily basis, making the dedicated key for it a bit useless. The screen, however, was bright and overall quite excellent, especially for the price point: it's not going to supplant anybody's dedicated big-screen HDTV, but it could easily replace almost any monitor or smaller TV. The company is clearly focusing on aesthetics here, with its distinctive form factor, but its performance marks a strong start for Vizio's PC business.

Vizio All-in-One PC