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BBC Sport launches new mobile site with video streaming over 3G

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The BBC has updated its BBC Sport mobile site to include support for video streaming over 3G and Wi-FI.

The BBC has relaunched its Sport site for mobile devices with a new design that offers easy access to video content over 3G and Wi-Fi. The site will not only include clips of past events, but also, like its desktop brother, use HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to stream live events to your smartphone or tablet. HLS is supported by recent versions of both Android and iOS, but unfortunately Windows Phone doesn't yet support the standard.

While British smartphone users were already able to stream BBC channels and programming through the iPlayer service, the BBC Sport site will serve as a portal for additional live events that aren't being broadcast on terrestrial televsion. The new design is live now with coverage of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Have a look for yourself, or wait till this summer, when the portal will broadcast up to 24 Olympic live video streams simultaneously.