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AmpliTube adds Slash's gear to its iOS recording studio in new app

AmpliTube adds Slash's gear to its iOS recording studio in new app


A new version of IK Multimedia's AmpliTube, AmpliTube Slash, adds the guitarist's amps and pedals for playing or recording with.

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IK Multimedia, maker of many an iOS music peripheral, is tweaking its AmpliTube effects apps with a big-name parnership. AmpliTube Slash (as one might expect) is a version of the standard AmpliTube app with custom effects based on the gear of former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. After plugging in an iRig or other connector from IK Multimedia, you can hook a guitar to the iPhone or iPad and use it as an effects processor or recording setup. Different amps and pedals are rendered as virtual models: for Slash's app, you'll get six "signature" stompboxes, two amps, and one cabinet, along with a set of tone presets. If you've already got the original AmpliTube app, all these are also available as in-app purchases.

The Slash-specific app costs $9.99, half the cost of standard AmpliTube, and is naturally guitar-only rather than multi-instrumental like AmpliTube. You'll get different stompboxes and amps, of course, but the biggest difference is the fact that unlike vanilla AmpliTube, Slash's version doesn't seem to have the same array of in-app effect purchases. That means that while you can buy Slash or Fender (another branded app) expansions in the standard app, you're limited to Slash's gear in the cheaper one. Either way, you can check out the iPhone or iPad section to see the hardware in question and several rather large hats.