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'Kinectimals' for Android becomes first Microsoft game on Google Play

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Microsoft has launched 'Kinectimals,' its first game on the Google Play Store

Kinectimals Android Padded
Kinectimals Android Padded

Only a few days after Microsoft finally brought the My Xbox Live app to Android, it's launched its first game on the Google Play Store. Kinectimals was the first Microsoft game on iOS, and Microsoft is letting it blaze the trail here as well. The exotic pet simulator is compatible with Android 2.2 and up; it unlocks five new cubs on the Xbox 360 version, just like the iOS or Windows Phone app. While Microsoft previously had Android offerings themed around games (like a Kinect Star Wars-themed social app), this marks another step away from its old strategy of saving prime content for Windows Phone. Hopefully this means that full Xbox Live Companion functionality will be coming to Android soon as well. Meanwhile, Kinectimals is $2.99 on the Play Store, putting Android users in quite the bind: if you're on a budget, you'll have to pick between baby animals and bullet time.