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Motorola Solutions acquires Psion for $200 million

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Rugged industrial computer firm Psion is being acquired by Motorola Solutions for an estimated $200 million.

Psion vehicle mounted computer
Psion vehicle mounted computer

Motorola Solutions has announced an agreement to acquire Psion in order to strengthen its line-up of "ruggedized handheld products and vehicle-mount terminals" for industrial clients. While Psion is currently known for its rugged industrial computers, over its 32-year history the company was actually a pioneer in the world of PDAs. In the 1980s Psion developed EPOC, the precursor to Symbian, and in 1984 launched its own line of pocket computers under the name Psion Organizer. In the 1990s it followed these up with PDAs like the Series 3 and Series 5. The firm is also somewhat infamous for owning the trademark for "netbook" and attempting to keep others from using the name several years ago. The deal with Motorola Solutions is expected to be worth approximately $200 million and close by the end of 2012.