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NCR's wireless ATM gets your cash without a debit card

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Banking company NCR is developing a mobile ATM interaction system where you can use your smartphone instead of debit card to withdraw money.


If you want to use your smartphone for payments but don't want to totally ditch cash, NCR has created a mobile banking solution that will let you use your smartphone instead of your debit card to make cash withdrawals. It works using a simple but secure authentication scheme where you enter your pin within NCR's mobile app, select the account you'd like to use, then designate how much money you'd like to withdraw. Finally, the ATM itself presents you with a QR code that lets NCR's systems know where to send your money, and after scanning it, the amount chosen will pop right out.

Other than the obvious benefit of being able to leave your cards at home, NCR's mobile ATM system increases security by preventing ATM skimming, where thieves will add inconspicuous looking bezels to ATM machines that collect debit card numbers. The other advantage is that after your transaction is finished, instead of printing a paper receipt, a digital receipt will be available in the mobile app. NCR is intending on bringing its mobile app to every major platform, though the company is still looking for partners to help it deploy its systems.