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YouTube adds Spanish-language automatic captions to videos

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Google has expanded its YouTube automatic captioning program to Spanish.

YouTube Caption Spanish
YouTube Caption Spanish

YouTube's automatic captioning feature, which uses voice recognition to transcribe videos, is now supported in Spanish. Going to a supported Spanish-language video and selecting "Transcribe Audio" will turn on the captions in Spanish, regardless of what language you're using for the interface. If you don't speak the language, this means you can also get the captions translated automatically, though the video below shows that's a somewhat mixed bag. Spanish is the fourth language supported by automatic captioning; it was preceded by English, Japanese, and Korean. Creators of Spanish-language videos can also upload their own transcripts, which Google will sync to the audio. Though we're sure many of us won't ever need to use the captions, expanding this program opens the web up to more people without requiring more resources.