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Bing partners with Yelp for better local search results

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Bing search results are getting more local thanks to a new partnership with Yelp in the US.

new bing main 1020 2
new bing main 1020 2

Microsoft has announced a new partnership with Yelp that will help add some local flavor to Bing search results. The new feature kicked off yesterday, and it integrates Yelp data such as reviews, photos, and business details into Bing search results, as well as additional information when you click on local business pages. Currently it's available to select users in the US, with a nationwide rollout due "in the coming weeks" — there's no word on when, or if, the feature will be available in additional countries. The news comes just a few weeks after Google announced a similar feature by integrating Zagat review scores into its local search results.