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Verizon says the internet will 'change forever' June 18th in FiOS teaser video

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Verizon has uploaded a video teaser to YouTube promising that "the internet will change forever" on June 18th.

FiOS teaser screenshot
FiOS teaser screenshot

Apple might have dominated the news cycle this week, but it's clear that other players in the tech industry are ready to jump back in the spotlight on Monday. If teasers from both Microsoft and Nokia weren't enough, Verizon is the latest company promising a major announcement for June 18th. In a video uploaded to YouTube today, titled Moment of Silence, Verizon claims "the internet as we know it is about to change forever."

The clip starts with an ominous electricity blackout that shuts off PCs, tablets, and smartphones throughout an entire city. Power is restored for one lucky young tablet user, who looks to be in awe of what she's seeing on her screen. "A revolution is coming" reads the next line of text, and seconds later we find out that the coming news is likely to revolve around Verizon's FiOS cable/internet network.

Late last month the company announced that it would be raising the data speeds of its fiber optic internet plans, with a new top tier maxing out at 300Mbps down / 65Mbps up. Pricing for the new packages would be announced in June, said Verizon, though it didn't offer a specific date. We've since learned what those rates will be, but in all likelihood things will be made official on Monday. As you'll see in another just-uploaded clip below, the company seems quite proud of its high-speed achievements. Still, this seems like an awfully big marketing push for pricing information, and we're hoping Verizon may have some surprises in store. In any event, it looks like we'll be starting the week in a big way come Monday, and you'll want to follow along here for all the latest news.