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Samsung patent details capacitive screen stylus with integrated headset

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Samsung has applied for a patent on a new stylus for capacitive screens that includes a wireless headset.

Samsung stylus patent image
Samsung stylus patent image

From the Galaxy Note to accessories for the Galaxy S III, Samsung clearly sees the value in offering styli to customers, and judging from a recent patent application the company is exploring ways to turn your stylus into a headset as well. The patent covers a pen meant for use with devices with regular capacitive screens — devices like the Note utilize a digitizer on the screen itself for greater accuracy and pressure sensitivity — putting it in line with the array of stylii we recently reviewed for the iPad. Where things get interesting, however, is its headset capabilities. In order to reduce the amount of items users need to carry around, the proposed device would incorporate a wireless headset in its body as well (Bluetooth is mentioned as one logical protocol). Of course, simply because a patent is applied for doesn't automatically mean we'll see a shipping product, but with Asus offering a Stylus Headset accessory for the Padfone already, we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung introduced the concept to market in the not-too-distant future.