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Canadian Galaxy S III launch pushed to June 27th due to 'unprecedented demand'

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Samsung has announced that the launch of the Galaxy S III in Canada has been delayed until June 27th due to heavy demand.

gs iii review
gs iii review

It looks like Clove UK and Verizon won't be alone in having had to deal with Galaxy S III delays: Samsung has announced that the entire Canadian launch has been pushed back a week. The phone was originally scheduled to hit carriers in Canada on June 20th, but according to a tweet from Samsung the date needed to be changed due to "unprecedented demand." To be certain, the company has already sold a lot of phones — Samsung announced in May that it had received over 9 million pre-orders for its latest flagship device — but there have been issues reported with the finish of the Pebble Blue variant as well. No matter what the reason, the Galaxy S III will be available in Canada on June 27th.