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Mac OS (Old School) theme brings back the black-and-white icons of yesteryear

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Mac OS Old School is a high-quality recreation of the icons and wallpaper from Apple's 1984 OS adapted for modern computers.

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Sure, Apple's new Retina displays look nice, but do you ever worry about your icons not being pixelated enough? If so, you may be interested in Mac OS (Old School), a set of icons and wallpapers that mimics the style of Apple's 1984 OS. Some of the icons are faithful recreations of the originals, while newer software like iMovie gets original art. Designer Ben Vessey has said that he was "fed up with the current trend of making icons 'shiny’ and the overuse of shadows and gradients." The original plan was to make minimalist flat-color icons, but it quickly turned into a larger attempt to redesign Mac OS '84 for modern computers.

Although the icons are simple, Vessey says they were more difficult for him to make than more contemporary-looking ones. "Anything other than a straight, or 45 degree line, becomes particularly challenging." If you want to download the theme, you can get it here by "paying" with a Tweet or Facebook message. The 21 icons are in Mac-only ICNS format, but the wallpapers are high-quality JPEGs, and a determined Windows or Linux user could probably get the whole thing to work on their OS.