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Our live blog of Microsoft's 'major announcement' event starts today at 6:30PM EDT, 10:30PM GMT!

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Our live blog of Microsoft's "major announcement" event will begin at 6:30PM ET on Monday, June 18th.

Microsoft Logo 2 (Verge Stock)
Microsoft Logo 2 (Verge Stock)

Read the live blog right here!

Microsoft has invited us to Los Angeles for a "major announcement," and we're going to be there live. Ballmer may be the only one who knows for sure what we'll be seeing at the mysterious event — though there are rumors that a Microsoft Surface tablet is in the works — but no matter what it is, you'll be able to catch it as it happens. You'll find the best live blog in the business right here at 6:30PM EDT on Monday, June 18th, and it will feature our very own Joshua Topolsky bringing you the play-by-play with Dieter Bohn on photo duty. We've provided a selection of time zones below, but if you don't see your area, don't fret — you can convert it to whatever time you like at this handy link. See you then!

12:30PM - Hawaii
02:30PM - Alaska
03:30PM - Pacific
04:30PM - Mountain
05:30PM - Central
06:30PM - Eastern
07:30PM - São Paulo
11:30PM - London
12:30AM - Paris (June 19th)
02:30AM - Moscow (June 19th)
07:30AM - Tokyo (June 19th)
08:30AM - Sydney (June 19th)

Read the live blog right here!