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Verizon unveils FiOS Quantum: 300Mbps download speeds for $209.99 a month

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Verizon is publicly announcing its new, faster FiOS Quantum service. The new pricing matches what we heard from a Verizon employee two weeks ago, including the availability of 300Mbps download service for $209.99.

verizon fios quantum 1020
verizon fios quantum 1020

Verizon is publicly announcing speed and pricing changes to its FiOS service today, confirming what we heard two weeks ago from a company employee. Rebranded "FiOS Quantum," the service adds 300Mbps down / 65Mbps up service, which will cost you $204.99 a month with a two-year contract ($209.99 without). The press release states that "the majority of FiOS customers will pay $10 to $15 more per month to double or triple their internet speed," which is true if you're on one of the middle tiers, but the company glosses over the fact that subscribers to 15/5 service will now pay $10 more a month with no increase in speed. If you’re interested in the speed boost — Verizon's touting it as "the fastest mass scale residential service in the US" — check below for a comprehensive look at the new pricing structure.