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HP 820 Tower RED edition: a liquid-cooled tower PC for RED camera users

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HP and RED have have teamed up to create a high-end custom "RED edition" tower PC for video editors.

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HP and RED have have teamed up to create a custom version of the HP Z820 Workstation, HP's high-end tower PC. The HP 820 Tower (RED edition) will come with dual REDMag readers, which sit at the front of the tower, and can be pre-configured with multiple RED Rocket video accelerators. RED also says that the systems will arrive with a "tuned" version of Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Aside from RED's customizations, the 820 Tower will be configurable with two liquid-cooled Xeon processors (offering up to 16 cores) and 32GB of memory. In a forum post announcing the system, RED gives an example build which we imagine will be close to the peak spec available. The build has two Intel Xeon E5-2687 3.21GHz octo-core CPUs, 32GB of 1600MHz quad-channel RAM, an Nvidia Quadro 5000 graphics card, a RED Rocket video accelerator, Blu-ray drive, REDMag reader, a 2.5-inch 10K SAS boot drive, and 300GB of storage.

The RED edition will be sold at HP professional resellers like ProMax and Tekserve from July, and RED says the retailers can add RAID volumes to the computers if required. The system will be shown this week at the Adobe CS6 roadshow, touring the US until June 30th. Pricing is said to start from $10,000, but given that a single RED Rocket is priced at $4,750, we imagine you'll be able to spec the Pro Tower 820 out at a considerably higher price.