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Samsung launching enterprise-ready Galaxy S III in July

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Samsung is launching its first smartphone in the SAFE (Samsung Approved For Android) program, the Galaxy S III. It will be coming to five US carriers in July.

Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)
Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)

Android may be the leading smartphone OS, but BlackBerry is still the platform of choice for many businesses. That's something Samsung hopes to change with an enterprise-ready version of its Galaxy S III. In July, it will introduce a Galaxy S III with SAFE (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) branding, designed for "bring you own device" programs. That means it comes with on-device AES-256 bit encryption, better Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support, and support for major VPN and Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems like those of Cisco or Juniper.

The SAFE Galaxy S III will launch in July on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and US Cellular, and Samsung is offering a trade-up system for qualifying phones. This is the first smartphone in the SAFE program, which Samsung announced last October, and it puts Samsung in competition with LG and Motorola, both of whom are also trying to bolster Android's credibility in the enterprise market.

Update: Although the Galaxy S III is referred to as the first SAFE-branded smartphone, it looks like there are a few other phones in the program as well, including the Galaxy S II and the Note. The trade-in program is also live here, offering up to $300 towards a new Samsung phone.