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Netflix changes API program, breaks some third-party functionality (updated)

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Netflix has updated the terms of use for its API, removing some useful functionality from third-party apps.


Netflix has announced changes to its API program that will render some third-party services useless. Starting today, third-party developers will no longer be able to export a user's viewing and rating history, display search results that compare Netflix's library to those of other competing services — a feature currently found with Google TV and Xbox 360's Bing Search — or charge consumers for services that use the API in any way. Additionally, data obtained through the streaming service's API cannot be distributed to any other third party. The changes are effective immediately, although apps and services that currently use these features will have until September 15, 2012 to be updated.

Update: Since the original story ran, Netflix has clarified its stance regarding the API changes; see the updated story here.