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PSA: Adobe, Mozilla offer workarounds for Flash Player crash issues, still working on a fix

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Neither Adobe nor Mozilla has been able to find a solution to the crash issues some Windows users are reporting with Flash Player 11.3, though the two companies have offered a list of workarounds.

Adobe Flash Logo
Adobe Flash Logo

Ever since Adobe updated its Flash Player to version 11.3, many PC users have been reporting crash issues when viewing videos in Firefox. Neither Adobe nor Mozilla has been able to find a fix to this bug, which appears to be affecting both Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, though the two companies have now offered some workarounds.

Adobe, for its part, published four possible remedies today, advising users to disable the RealPlayer Download and Recording plug-in, run Firefox in Safe Mode, or create a new Firefox profile. The company also recommended using a clean Windows profile. Mozilla offered a similar solution, encouraging users to turn off or disable the aforementioned RealPlayer plug-in, or even uninstall RealPlayer altogether. If none of these tactics solve the issue, Mozilla recommends downgrading to Flash Player 11.2.

It remains unclear whether a full fix will arrive anytime soon, but in a statement to the BBC, Mozilla confirmed that the two companies "are working closely to diagnose and address these issues."